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About Us 

Enso Academy is the Open Education Resources platform from Enso Education consisting of other branches located in Great Britain, Ireland, Poland and The Netherlands, which are now part of one larger umbrella organization. Besides these countries we work very closely with Spain, Greece, Malta, Italy and Portugal. 

Enso Academy platform is a platform dedicated to our partnerships, where you can find our ongoing projects, projects that have been implemented and the projects we have applied for.

We provide this platform so that we can share with you our projects results, gathered resources and educational materials developed with our project partners.

Enso Education is an experienced non-governmental group that that is wholly independent and owned in trust for the benefit of its employees and their dependents. Enso specializes in project consulting and delivery, supports and coordinates projects and creates connections between European countries and organisations.


Work Experience Agency is a work experience & training provider. Based in Dublin, Ireland runs projects in Ireland and across

European Union.

Enso Group is a work experience & training provider. Based in Bristol, England, runs projects in England and across
European Union.

Kensho is a work experience & training provider. Based in Warsaw, Poland runs projects in Poland and across
European Union.

The 8 Training Institute is a future creditated vocational education training provider. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands runs projects in The Netherlands and across European Union.

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