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Welcome to Enso Academy, the hub of resources of Enso Education. 
For your professional and personal growth we dedicated this webpage to the results of our projects, partnerships or trainings in order to broad the reach of resources created and ultimately contribute to the improvement of communities. 
From information about our Erasmus+ projects to trainings received, you will be able use freely l
ots of presentations, dissemination materials, courses and videos.


The Team 

Enso Education consists of an international employees and trainees team who work with international clients and partners that help us to learn, understand, respect and leverage cultural differences as well as develop effective communication skills. We’re an international multi-lingual team, with colleagues based throughout Europe to help in projects we develop and support, achieving international ambitions. Our team is multi-disciplinary, and multi-skilled applying our unique approach, enjoying discovering a wealth of ideas, research and insights. 

We also encourage all our employees to take an active approach to their health and well-being by raising awareness of the benefits of making healthier lifestyle choices. From health campaigns through to sports events, our wellbeing programme has something for everybody. We are a mindful company and run mindfulness programmes through our projects

"Our Mission is to gather tools to promote Inclusive Education and Well-being and to spread European Values around the World. We are happy and proud to help people to fulfil their dreams through new experiences." - The Team

Multinational Team 

 Based throughout Europe to help in projects we develop and support projects achieving international marks. We are able to ensure the implementation of projects, arrange courses and placements in any country.

Project Consulting 

Providing an integrated service approach we ensure Project Management & Consultancy: from project idea to project conclusion. We create European connections between various organizations and partners.


We ensure logistic service, accomodation options throughout the EU from Host Families, Hostels and B&B's to private apartments. We arrange as well all logistical aspects from local transport to travel arrangements. 

Work Experience & Training 

We offer work experience for students and courses for teachers, learners and staff. We support vulnerable groups through Inclusive Education, Sport and Mindfulness techniques.

Where We Work 

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