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European Network for Focus on Upskilling Pathways

KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

 Strategic Partnerships VET


The project "European Network for Focus on Upskilling Pathways" has been implemented under the ERASMUS+ program between 2019-22 by 5 organizations forming strategic partnership.

The project was a response to the current situation of vocational training in Europe, which requires defining paths for raising qualifications. Therefore, the project aims to build common knowledge on the main challenges related to the design and implementation of skill development paths and to bring together stakeholders to effectively support them in implementing adult dissemination pathways. 

During the project partners worked on development 2 main results:

  • National Report is one of the project results and includes a comparison of adult
    upskilling pathways in partner countries. Report aims at identification of an
    existing situation in each of the four partner countries. Understanding different
    visions within individual partner countries was the first and important step of the project work.


  • The Bulletin Focus on Upskilling Pathways - is the second result of the work of five
    partner organisations. The bulletin is a response to one of the project goals
    which is - Increasing the competences of career counselors and trainers
    in motivating and encouraging adults to improve their competences.

    The compiled Bulletin consists of three main topics:

1. Combining basic skills training with education and VET vocational training. Creating and developing cooperation networks.

2. Priority target groups requiring skills improvement and best finding solutions for them.

3. Motivating and informing, including expanding knowledge about the benefits of improving skills.

Organisations involved in the Partnership:

Poland - Gauette Foundation
Portugal - Escola Profissional de Tomar

Italy - Euroform RFS

Greece - Academy of Entrepreneurship.

UK - Enso Group

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Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 18.41.17.png

Main Objectives 

  • Support the exchange of good practices in the topic of Upskilling Pathways.

  • Increase the competences of vocational advisors and trainers in motivating and encouraging adults to improve their professional development. 

  • Raise awareness among relevant stakeholders.

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