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KA2  Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Partnerships for Creativity


Sports besides the well-known benefits for physical health are also supported as a very beneficial tool. To guarantee that this project increases the use of sports to advance social inclusion, mental health, promote gender equality, non-formal education and influence policy, this project has as specific objectives.

The project aims to increase skills of sport staff to promoting a safe and sound environment for all sports participants. All partners consider that sport can increase the absorption of certain values, attitudes, and mindsets beneficial for inclusion and diversity, gender equality, active citizenships and mental health. With a cross-sector collection of experts in diversify topics, all in correlation with sports, this project aims as well to demonstrate how sport is more than physical activity, that actually is a path and tool for positive societal change.


Partners Involved in the Project: 

Work Experience Agency Ltd – Ireland
Hybrid Sport – Romania
L’Orma Societa Sportiva Dilettantistica a Responsabilita Limitata – Italy
Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu I Nauk O Zdrowiu – Poland
Champions Factory – Bulgary 

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Main Objectives: 

  • Improve the skills of 42 sports staff in social inclusion, mental health, gender equality, non-formal education, and sports management/policy influencer. 

  • Bringing awareness about the importance of sport as a tool to improve social problems in a 5-day conference in Ireland.

  • Promoting the professional development of sports staff by creating an Open Education Resource.

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