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Therapeutic Interventions for The Support of Those with Alzheimer's Disease

KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.
Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Background of the Project:

European countries are increasingly becoming ageing societies and as such the potential for social isolation increases. In two thirds of European countries, over 1 in 10 persons over 65 either have no friends or do not socialise with their friends at all. Alzheimer’s disease is a physical disease that affects the brain. The symptoms caused include memory loss, anxiety and difficulty thinking. It is a progressive disease and so gets worse over time. Globally, nearly 44 million people have Alzheimer’s disease and the largest numbers are found in Western Europe.

We have applied for a partnership so that the results have the ability to support a large network care homes, carers and families across Europe. At a local level this will mean there will be more Alzheimer suffers receiving complementary therapies.

Organisations Involved:

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Main Objectives

  • Share knowledge of complementary therapy types and benefits for the cognitive improvement and relaxation of those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and/or its symptoms.

  • Develop a bank of resources and references for carers and support staff to refer to and use. 

  • Create a forum for carers and support staff to share ideas, challenges and outcomes of complementary therapies.

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