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Access to Music and Opera
Social Inclusion Through Arts

KA227 - Partnerships for creativity

A creativity partnership engages adult education organizations together with organizations from the cultural sector. The external context of the project is related to the COVID-19 situation, which caused the crisis in the cultural sector. When planning a project partners' knowledge and experience were used. The partners prepared a preliminary review / analysis of opera / arts education. We note the need for a change in scope perception of opera as an elite and exclusive habit. Opera is an intangible human heritage. Opera is an international language and its stories reflect an understanding of human nature and contribute to the values ​​of freedom and tolerance (World Opera Day 2020, Operavision).

The project undertakes a dialogue between activities that opera education deals with as a way to develop a creative and innovative educational tradition using this art form.

The main goal of the project is to improve activities in the development of parents' cultural competences and on this basis to propose good practices conducive to implementation activities. This is consistent with Europe, Creative Clush. Artistic Intervensions - Increasing access to culture.

Partners Involved in the Project:

Fundacja Family Center

Enso Group 

Fondazione Don Orione Onlus

Associació Cultural Escuela Polaca

Main Objectives: 

  • Illustrate the importance of context for developing parents' cultural competences.

  • Exchange of good practices and experiences on social inclusion through art of parents with low cultural competences.

  • Equipping parents with the necessary competences needed to create creative and innovative solutions in the face of social challenges.

  •  Determining the legitimacy, purposefulness and added value resulting from increasing the organization's ability to operate at the supranational level - in the situation of COVID -19.

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