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KA210-ADU - Small Scale Partnerships in the Sector Adult education

"Promoting inclusion in intergenerational dance – Improving the competences of educators"


The project aims to help learners seniors access useful educational content. The subject of the project is important from the point of view of the objectives and priorities especially since learning and open education have become key elements in Europe. Partner organizations will show the great reason of interest in intergenerational arts practice and inclusive Intergeneration group dance. It becomes necessary to move away from traditional models of adult education and reliance on intergenerational education without introducing differentiation from regardless of age.


Partners Involved in the Project: 

Coordinator: Fundacja Family Center  - POLAND

FolkFest Cultural Association -  HUNGARY

Work Experience Agency Ltd - IRELAND


Associacio Programes Educatius Open Europe - SPAIN

Main Objectives: 

  • Objective 1 - To increase educational diversity and use of an inclusive form of intergenerational group dance in particular. 

  • Objective 2 - To equip staff of adult education with the competencies needed to include people with fewer opportunities. 

  • Objective 3 - To include intergenerational dimension in the educational context in the countries involved in the project.

Events: TPM in Hungary (FolkFest Cultural Association)

​All partners met in Budapest to analyse the progress of the project and each organisation's activities with the topic. During the meeting was discussed, also, the increasing educational diversity and the use of an integrative form, in particular group intergenerational dance.

Reports on the Inclusive Role of Intergenerational Dance 

Dance with us....

Atlas of Good Practices Inclusive Intergeneration Dance Group

Final video of the project...

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